The 4 C’s of Landing Pages


Want to know how to increase the effectiveness of your website without spending a dime?


Optimize your landing pages.

You may have heard this phrase a lot lately: Landing Page Optimization. A landing page is any web page that you link to or reference in your advertising. It can be your home page or a specific web page you created for a particular advertising campaign.

What it basically means is to improve your web pages so people who land on specific web pages achieve the action you desire. If you want to increase the effectiveness of your website pages, consider the “4 C’s of Landing Pages.”

1. Continuity

If you are advertising a special offer, make sure that offer is also prominently displayed on the web landing page that is referenced.

Make sure there is continuity of offer, design (colors, fonts, images) and copy on the landing page. Breaking the connection between the ad and the landing page could decrease response and sales.

2. Clarity

Guide your web visitor through the page. As author Steve Krug suggests, don’t make your users think. If you want to compel web visitors to inquire, your landing page content should tease them into responding. Keep graphics and copy simple and clear.

If you are trying to incite a purchase from your landing page, include all the information and benefits necessary for the visitor to evaluate and purchase your product or service.

3. Credibility

If your company is not a well-known brand, include elements that will communicate credibility on your landing page. Credibility builders included: Customer testimonials, awards, security/privacy symbols, Better Business Bureau certification logo, well-known brands, guarantee, industry recognition, customer satisfaction scores, and high-quality graphics. Include some of these on your landing page to increase your web visitor’s feeling of trust, thus reducing their risk in their mind in responding or buying.

4. Call-to-Action

Conversion is getting the most people to respond or buy relative to the visits (Conversion rate = # inquiries or sales divided by the # of web visits). In addition to the recommendations above, there are a few more tactics to consider. Want more inquiries or sales? Give something of value in exchange. Also known as a “call to action.” For inquiries, try giving something for free. Free evaluation, free book, free report, free newsletter, etc. For sales, make sure your benefits outweigh the price to maximize perceived value. Exclusive or limited-time incentives will also increase conversion to sale. This is a great technique as long as it is profitable. Again a call to action is the combination of an offer and telling the visitor how to respond.

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